eumenes is a designer furnishing accessories brand, featured by product collections by P. Navone and J. M. Massaud.

Strada Padana Superiore 30, 20064
Cernusco s/N, Milano, Italy

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Bakken & Bæck is an ambitious digital product development studio. Its Amsterdam headquarter resemble the shape of a yellow submarine; a long and narrow office below ground level, by the docks of Houthaven. The main room has one short side of windows, as the only source of natural lighting. The main goal of Kvistad, a duo of talented Norwegian interior designers, was to brighten up the space by use of light and colours, while still maintaining a cosy and warm space.

The palette consists of warm, natural colours; creamy yellow, clear rust, hairy brown, dusty pink and matte black. Arkys chair by Jean Marie Massaud, with his black metal mesh shell and his orange cushion, has been chosen to provide an elegant touch to the meetings areas.

BAKKEN BAECK - eumenes