eumenes is a designer furnishing accessories brand, featured by product collections by P. Navone and J. M. Massaud.

Strada Padana Superiore 30, 20064
Cernusco s/N, Milano, Italy

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King Offices     STOCKHOLM     SWEDEN

Eumenes is one of the brands chosen by Adolfsson&Partners to furnish King’s new offices in Stockholm. The creators of Kandy Crash Saga wanted to work in the most extravagant office spaces in Europe and took the characters of their online games as source of inspiration. In this playful and colourful environment, the eu/canistro sofas and the low eus tables, designed by Paola Navone, offer a moment of relax and at the same time keep stimulating the fantasy and the creativeness that are necessary for designing games even more engaging and innovative.

King Offices - eumenes